Saturday, October 18, 2014

WDW Main Street Bakery Starbuck's Review & Pics at Magic Kingdom...

This was my first time here since it has been remodeled. I was worried that they would not have any soda to sell in the morning but I was fine. My friend loves Starbucks as much as she loves Disney so we did go to every single one of WDW Property! My friend even got an extra souvenir cup at this Starbucks. I do not drink coffee at all. I ordered a diet coke & Pumpkin bread slice for breakfast on our Magic Kingdom day. The one bad thing about the new layout is that there are no tables. We got our stuff & grabbed a bench area down by Space Mountain.

The pumpkin bread was SO moist & delicious! I would get it again in a heartbeat. I was worried they wouldn't have any breakfast options I would like. My friend pointed out that the breakfast hot sandwiches at Starbucks were cheaper than ones sold elsewhere in the parks as FYI.

The line went by fast & flowed well. We only waited about 7-10 minutes.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Merchandise at WDW ...

I was surprised to find Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise when I was at WDW. The only store that I saw it was at "Merchant of Venus" in the Magic Kingdom. My favorite was the stuffed raccoon :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney Review...

How did it take me this long to try Wolfgang Puck Express? You can find it hidden in the corner of the MarketPlace in Downtown Disney at WDW. It was pouring rain when we were on our way on boat to DTD from French Quarter to shop & eat.

When you first walk in there is a board w/ cashier where you pay first & they give you a number & will bring you what you order.

Sorry for the blurry picture!

The layout of the restaurant was very nice & relaxing. It is way nicer than your average Panera etc...I was very impressed w/ the decor & furniture of the restaurant.

I ordered the mac & cheese along with the creme brulee. My friend ordered one of the pizzas.

First off I'd like to say that I am spoiled & my brother is a chef. The mac & cheese was just okay to me. I've had much better at a lot of other places & my brother's mac & cheese is AMAZING. I regret not ordering something else. If you only eat boxed mac & cheese you would probably love this. It is good just not great. ;) The creme brulee was still warm from being taken out of the oven. It was VERY good. My friend found it too sweet but I really enjoyed it & ate most of it myself! My friend loved her pizza! I didn't get to sample any but I had enough food for myself! We ate here around 330pm on a Wednesday in early September.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Magical Express Review....

This was my very first time using the luggage option on the magical express. I haven't stayed on WDW Property since 2006 so you can imagine how excited I was?! Please know that the Magical express employees really work for Mear's & aren't "real" Cast members.

PRE -TRIP:As soon as you book your trip you will be asked if you need Magical express. Since I didn't book a package I just called ME myself to give them my flight information. I traveled w/ a friend from Kansas & it was a nightmare! We called FOUR times to try & get her flight information added. She called twice & I called twice. A week & half before our trip I called for the fourth time & the nice lady on the phone said the magical express tag isn't needed & all you have to do is give the ME desk your luggage tag information & it will make it to the hotel. I got my tag but my friend never ended up getting hers. She didn't want to chance her bag not arriving so she just picked up her bag herself. I did use the service. The only bad part of the service was my friend not getting her tags even though we called numerous times.

You will receive your luggage tag (pictured below) along w/ a booklet with your flight information on it. You need this booklet in order to use the service. I believe they can be linked to the magic bands as well. I used my booklet & was fine. Please read the directions on the luggage tag before you put it on. I was a bit wary of it being so loose but I had no issues. You will also put on the luggage tag from your home airport to MCO on your checked bag as well.

MCO ARRIVAL: I landed 20 minutes early so I ran to the ME area of the airport. ;) There are signs everywhere & it was very easy to find. You will get out your booklet or Magic Band scanned before they tell you which number line to enter. I was the first person in my line & had to wait 20 minutes until they started to load my bus. There were only about 6 people on my bus. I was excited the French Quarter was the first stop on my bus. :) I did notice that the line next to me never had to wait & that line was for the high end resorts. Just an observation. :) All of the All-Star hotels are on one bus so be prepared to wait if that is your area. That line was the longest of all of them.

Departure: The day before your check out you will receive an envelope with your Pick-up time & ticket. You cannot board the bus without that confirmation! You have to pre-pay for any checked bag that has fees. There is a number on the confirmation for the MCO Airport baggage & they can do it for you over the phone. They close at 11pm so keep that in mind. I had to call the morning of to pre-pay. You will check your bag down at the Magical Express counter & they will ask for your ID & if you pre paid for your luggage if applicable. Disney has a deal w/ a lot of airlines but not all of them. Please check this beforehand. You will not see your bag again until your home airport & they give you your actual boarding pass. Remember to tip the driver even if the driver doesn't help you with bags. I had an awesome driver so I hope you are lucky enough as I was!

Experience: I was seriously stressed that Disney was going to lose my bag. My friend & I went to Downtown Disney for a few hours & when we got back to the room my bag was in the room by the front door! I was SO happy & grateful for this FREE service! If I ever stay on WDW Property again I will definitely use this service.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

World Showcase Makeover

World Showcase Makeover- Written by Jeff C.

Originally, this was to be entitled "World Showcase Rehab," but it is not that extensive.  Some parts are more cosmetic than substantive.  In all, it is a "plussing up" Imagineering exercise.

There is an ongoing discussion (and some of it is heated) about the announced Frozen overlay to the Maelstrom attraction in Epcot's Norway pavilion of the World Showcase.

It is not as if this was unanticipated.  There's even a portion of a prior Blue Sky Idea about it.
Yo Ho Yo Ho A Blogger's Life For me!: Blue Sky- The Froz...
I tried to ignore this urge to assess the success of the movie Frozen on various Disney attractions, but I found I couldn't let it go.
Preview by Yahoo

It's not without precedent either. The Mexico pavilion added The Three Caballeros even though Panchito is the only Mexican.  

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Still, it incorporated an added Disney element without being overwhelming.

Even in Future World, there exists the precedent of placing Nemo and Friends in The Living Seas.
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In this case, the guests regained the Omnimover ride with the change.  I doubt that Test Track would ever become Cars themed as that would be more likely for Disney's Hollywood Studios in the backlot area.
Studio Backlot Tour to permanently close later this mont...
Studio Backlot Tour to permanently close later this month
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It's too bad Tron: Legacy didn't do better in theaters.  Maybe we would have some of their vehicles instead of GM's.

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So, what if the entire World Showcase were to plus up with Disney elements and themed accordingly?  Some changes are obvious; others are a stretch.  Let's take a walk around the world and see.

China - This is probably one of the most easily done because Mulan already appears for photos here.  It might be time for an extensive live performance of archery and martial arts.

Germany - They never built the Rhine River ride.

Rhine River Cruise Mysteries - Imagineering Disney -
Plans for a boat ride called Rhine River Cruise in EPCOT Center’s Germany Pavilion ...
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That leaves a lot of space for Snow White.  Did you know that Schneewittchen (or SchneeweiƟchen) was German?  Maybe it is time to bring back her scary adventures on a much grander scale.

Italy - Speaking of lost rides regained, Pinocchio could have his daring journey restored here.

United States - The US pavilion already has a very large attraction, but that doesn't mean it has to be limited to one.  Sleepy Hollow and Icabod Crane's story continue to be a part of American folklore.  One of Disney's most popular historical characters is Davy Crockett, so have him battle river pirates as he did on film.

Japan - This is a tougher call.  Disney has been involved with the animation of Hayao Miyazaki for years.  Some may not like the edginess, but it may well be worth the risk to add "Howl's Moving Castle" to the pavilion.  

Morocco - This is probably the toughest call of all.  I would say Aladdin, but that's a big stretch.  Arendelle is in mythic Scandinavia, but Agrabah is in the mythic Middle East, not West Africa.  Yet, the Cave of Wonders could have been far away.  I might have to defer to the King of Morocco for this one.

France - There's almost too much to work with here.  Remy from Ratatouille already made appearances and provided another precedent for Disney element incorporation in the World Showcase.

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Belle belongs to the mythic France of Fantasyland.  The Eiffel Tower in the backdrop of the pavilion suggests the more modern France of The Aristocats, but prior centuries could be represented in the pavilion.  That opens up possibilities for Notre Dame or The Three Musketeers.

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My favorite thought here is to use the makeover as an excuse to bring back 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Remember, Jules Verne was French.

United Kingdom - This is another example of having a surplus of material with which to work.  Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh already have attractions at the Magic Kingdom.  The UK pavilion has a lot of focus on London.  Installing the never-built Mary Poppins attraction would finally fill a void in her representation. 
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Even without an attraction, the quiet walking area in this pavilion could be extended to Cherry Tree Lane so that one could visit #17 and Admiral Boom's place next door.  That leaves an opening for an attraction like, perhaps, Cruella de Vil's Wild Ride.  101 Dalmatians was also based in and around London.

Canada - At first, I thought of Brother Bear mainly because of Rutt and Tuke who were basically Bob and Doug McKenzie from Canada's SCTV.

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They were even played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.  The feature was set in pre-historic North America.  It's another stretch.  Then again, the film Iron Will was definitely set in Canada.  A sled dog race attraction would certainly be more exciting than yet another Circle-Vision film.

Greece - Wait, that's not there... yet.  But, a prior Blue Sky Imagineering article (part 4 of 4) didn't leave out Hercules as the Disney-themed element.
Yo Ho Yo Ho A Blogger's Life For me!: Greece Pavilion Pa...
In this final installment, we take a magical, mythical tour of Greece in the third section a pavilion that only exists in the writer's imagination.  This is by far ...
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Is any of this ever going to be built?  It took a billion dollars at the worldwide box office for Disney to greenlight changing Maelstrom.  It's possible.  But, it's far more likely they would do something cheap akin to installing the tops of buildings poking out of the lake and calling it the new Atlantis pavilion.